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Grain storage monitoring device from OPI SystemsGrain storage monitoring device from OPI Systems

Skyway uses a grain storage monitoring system from OPI Systems, the StorMax Temperature Monitoring System.

Stored grain is constantly threatened by mould activity, insect infestation and moisture migration. When grain goes out of condition, regardless of the cause, there is always an increase of temperature in the critical area.

The control of the environmental conditions throughout the grain storage period is critical to both prevent quality deterioration and optimise grain value. Grain can spoil if it is too wet and/or stored at too high a temperature. Over-drying leads to extra drying charges, causes shrinkage, and loss of value when grain is dried below the market standard.

Accurate moisture controls are important in managing and marketing grain. Measuring temperature is central to management of your grain and allows you to make the best decisions in maintaining your grain’s quality. Increases in grain temperature can be cause for alarm and with a temperature record, a grain manager can monitor and deal with changes in stored grain before loss occurs.

Grain quality is directly related to the moisture and temperature trends in your stored grain. Profits will disappear if grain spoils or if it is over dried. Measuring temperature is central to management of your grain and allows you to make the best decisions in maintaining your grain’s quality. StorMax allows you to reduce the risk of spoilage and damage, optimise grain moisture content, monitor and spot trends, reduce utility costs, and most important, save time.

The entire system consists of a hand-held monitor and SmartSnap cables. SmartSnap cables are the backbone of the StorMax Temperature Monitoring System. Each cable is equipped with its own unique address. This digital intelligence makes it possible to interconnect a large amount of cables for one stop data collection. The cables are easy to install because of the two-pin connector system. The cables snap together easliy with no wiring or special tools required. The cables are fully modular and can adapt to any storage configuration and still leave room for future expansion. The StorMax monitor collects all of the data in seconds from individual bins or an entire storage facility. All of the data is retained in the on board memory and it can also be downloaded to your PC.

The system can also be linked directly to StorMax Pro, a PC-based system that allows you to monitor grain temperature 24/7, sounds an alarm if grain temperature reaches a critical degree, and automatically controls aeration and drying equipment, based on grain temperature and weather conditions.

StorMax is also designed to connect to an expanding range of components, such as in-store grain moisture and electronic insect detection. The system can grow with your operation.

And last, but not least, You don’t have to start over with StorMax. Your existing system can be retrofitted by adding a StorMax adapter.